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Ross Lambert

Ross W. Lambert has been programming computers since he wandered into his classroom and found two Apple //e computers with no software. Since then he has published technical newsletters and a magazine, written software to assist with the disposal of weapons-grade radioactive waste at Hanford, built an entire development organization from scratch at an SaaS provider in the insurance industry, and bummed around the software world looking for fun things to do.

Cool Tech

Demystifying ElasticSearch Suggestions, Part 1

I’ve seen several projects¬†backed by ElasticSearch that used standard filter queries to provide suggestions-as-you-type functionality. Although ES is so blisteringly fast that you can get away with this, it is possible to create an even more amazing user experience if you use the memory-based suggestion indexes. In addition to the fact that they are mesmerizingly […]

Slobbering About DROOLs

The DROOLs Rules Engine is pretty darn cool. You can get it at: I’ve used it extensively on a couple of occasions and it just keeps getting better. One of the more pragmatic aspects¬†is that it can generate rules from Excel tabular data. Another is that it has a highly optimized rule analysis engine […]

Ross on Tech

A grizzled veteran of the software wars contemplates his own survival…