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Ross Lambert

Ross W. Lambert has been programming computers since he wandered into his classroom and found two Apple //e computers with no software. Since then he has published technical newsletters and a magazine, written software to assist with the disposal of weapons-grade radioactive waste at Hanford, built an entire development organization from scratch at an SaaS provider in the insurance industry, and bummed around the software world looking for fun things to do.


Anger Management

The title of this post is a double-entendre: This is going to be as much about managing angry as it is anger management, although they are related. The fact is, a lot of managers’ anger towards their direct reports is really a result of their own anger management problems. But let’s begin at the beginning. […]

To Ask or Not to Ask

“Balance, Daniel-san…”  Executive management almost always judges software development teams by the dual-bladed sword of productivity and quality. Somewhat perversely, each of us on these teams are judged by our individual productivity and quality, too. It is all too tempting (and, of course, simpler) for those outside the team to assume total team productivity is […]

Ross on Tech

A grizzled veteran of the software wars contemplates his own survival…