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Ross Lambert

Ross W. Lambert has been programming computers since he wandered into his classroom and found two Apple //e computers with no software. Since then he has published technical newsletters and a magazine, written software to assist with the disposal of weapons-grade radioactive waste at Hanford, built an entire development organization from scratch at an SaaS provider in the insurance industry, and bummed around the software world looking for fun things to do.


Spark for the Impatient: It ain’t R2D2, Obi Wan

Today’s installment is about programming with Spark’s most fundamental construct, the Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD). But before we get into that I’m going to do something I said at the outset I wouldn’t, namely writing about installing Spark. I decided to discuss it briefly because so many folks get confused by the¬†simplicity. Yeah, I know: […]

Spark for the Impatient: Introduction

DRAFT The Zen of Spark: What is it, exactly? Apache Spark is a general-purpose, distributed, memory-based, parallel computing engine. Man, that’s a mouthful. Although technically accurate, that description comes across as just so much marketing-speech. [ti_icon icon=”ti-themify-favicon” link=”http://” size=”default” style=”icon-left” text_color=”blue” background_color=”blue” icon_color=”blue”] . But the fact is, we can learn a lot about Spark’s […]

Apache Spark for the Impatient: A Pre-Announcement

One of the books that helped me hit the ground running at my new job with BluePrint Consulting Services was Cay Horstmann’s Scala for the Impatient. For me, Horstmann’s¬†book was an easy, blissfully short read that got me to where I could write simple Scala code very quickly. As a JVM-based language, Scala is familiar […]

Ross on Tech

A grizzled veteran of the software wars contemplates his own survival…